Professional profile / Field of activity

Registration of intellectual property rights

We help you protect your inventions and handle the proceedings with the patent and trademark offices. Part of our process is to analyze your case and plan an individual strategy for the registration of your intellectual property rights together with you.

We represent you during the process and advise you with regard to registration of

  •     a technical invention as a patent or utility model (utility patent)
  •     corporate names and symbols (logos, product names, etc.) as a trademark
  •     a design for a product as an industrial design/design (design patent)

We prepare the required registration documents for all these intellectual property rights for you and undertake all communication with the patent and trademark offices. After a proprietary right has been granted and/or registered, we ensure that any fees are paid that are necessary to maintain your proprietary rights.

Furthermore, we coordinate worldwide patent rights within our long-standing network of patent attorneys who practice worldwide in order to obtain proprietary rights in those markets that are relevant for you.


Before you enter a market with your products, it is often helpful to know if there are any proprietary rights that could present a barrier to entering a market. Conducting research is often useful even prior to filing a patent application in order to be able to better evaluate the chances of a patent being granted. We prepare custom-tailored research strategies in collaboration with renowned research institutes and assist you in analyzing the research results.

Representation in litigation

Should a competitor use your patented invention or your protected mark or design, we can assist you in the enforcement of your rights, if necessary in collaboration with attorneys with the relevant qualifications. If you ever receive a warning notice or a legal action is filed against you due to infringement or violation of proprietary rights, we can assist you in your defense against any claims.

We can also represent you in opposition proceedings, appeals, and nullity proceedings/suits before the Austrian Patent Office, the European Patent Office, and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).